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Support Our Crowdfunder: “Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead”

As you may know, for the last 20 years, we’ve been fascinated with a little-known playwright (!) called William Shakespeare. We’ve spent hours poring over his plays, mining his words for new pieces of information, and creating award-winning pieces of “Alternative Shakespeare” that have been performed up and down the country.

During this time, so many people who have loved what we do have asked us “when are you going to be publishing a book to tell your story?”

Well. We believe we might have an answer for that one. We think the time is now.

Over the last couple of years in particular, our Alternative Shakespeare work has continued apace – so much so that we’ve been able to really think about the work we do and what we’ve learned on our journey so far.

In essence, we’ve really cracked what we think Alternative Shakespeare is, and using our 20 years of experience, we really want to shout out the principles of Alternative Shakespeare to as many people as possible. We’ve got so many things we’ve learned, so many plays we’ve written, and our Alternative Shakespeare creative process has been refined and proven successful time and time again!

So, this is our book: “Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead”.

This book represents exactly what we’ve strived to create with Alternative Shakespeare - keeping Shakespeare’s legacy alive and ever-evolving, reigniting, and re-energising his words, characters, and themes to keep it away from just being a dusty museum piece. We want Shakespeare’s works to be something that people can engage with, play with, harness and use to create new and alternative pieces of theatre, whatever their format.

We know exactly what we’re writing about, but we need a little bit of help to make that happen. So, we’ve decided to start a Crowdfunder to widen our community and get more people to engage with our mission.The target we have set is relatively modest, designed to cover the direct costs associated with getting the book out there, editor services, fees and marketing etc.

Regardless of what people are able to donate, the money raised will help make more people aware of our campaign to keep Shakespeare's legacy to us well and truly alive.

And for that, we thank you. We’d love you to join us in what is a really exciting time for us – bringing together everything we’ve worked for, and creating a community of people to join us on this journey.

After 400 years of Shakespeare’s legacy so far, for us, this really is only the beginning.

Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead
Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead

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