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Shakespeare's Bones

Many theatre companies throughout the world regularly present Shakespeare’s plays in very different ways. The approach we take revolves around providing answers to this contention:


"Taking as a given truth Richard Eyre’s statement that Shakespeare gave us the DNA of our Theatre, how then can it best be passed down the line to firstly give new and sustainable life to his own work, and also to create new work that is inspired, influenced by, or flows out from the tradition Shakespeare worked in?"

Our new plays

Our new plays are inspired by and draw heavily on the style and works of William Shakespeare. We have written and performed 11 re-imaginings of Shakespeare's original plays and 2 plays that take us into the workings of Shakespeare's mind and life.

Our approach of staying faithful to the original works by putting them into very different settings results in a startling rejuvenation of the text, giving them a whole new life and meaning.

The Plays

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