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We've been running workshops for over 20 years with diverse groups of actors, writers, creatives and communities, focusing on theatre craft and performance. Throughout this time, we've always wanted people to learn from each other (not just us!), discuss their interpretations, bring their own insights and experiences to the fore, and bounce around ideas to create something brilliant.


Our AlternativeShakespeare workshops use the world of the bard as our starting point, analysing and mining his works to glean new insights and understanding.

Our workshops are theatre for all, and Shakespeare for all - not just actors! We want to make Shakespeare more accessible for everyone who wants to learn more or create something of their own, regardless of background or experience.

Shakespeare play reading workshops - coming soon...

  • Are you tired of reading Shakespeare in the same old way?

  • Do you want a greater understanding of Shakespeare's legacy?

  • Do you want to get to the heart of Shakespeare's works?

  • Do you enjoy having open discussions about what Shakespeare offers us?

  • Are you sick of the traditional ways of approaching theatre?

  • Are you looking for a new way to approach and understand Shakespeare?

Our play reading workshops are a blend of reading and collaborative workshop discussion that bring Shakespeare's plays to life.

There's no pressure to perform, and numbers are limited so that everyone can get involved. Leave your ego at the door and join us for an insightful look into Shakespeare's most famous works, focusing on what we can learn about the play, the world around us and about us as humans.

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