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Learning through Shakespeare

Learning, leading to understanding, is the most important phase of our development process. In keeping with our alternative approach to everything we do, our learning approach when it comes to Shakespeare is based around;

  • Understanding traditional education methods and approaches, and then accepting, adapting or rejecting them to meet our own learning aspirations and style

  • Placing the focus and emphasis on a self-led learning process, with people learning for themselves and from each other rather than being "educated"

  • Accepting that there are many ways of learning - whether that's alone or together

  • Working towards our ultimate goal, which is to help each one of us better understand and then develop both ourselves and the world around us

Our AlternativeShakespeare learning style has several objectives:

Understanding the world


  • Political situations 

  • Changes in Society

  • Digital revolution

  • Global themes

  • Humanity and invididuals

Developing ourselves

  • Our psychology

  • Drivers

  • Emotions

  • Relationships

  • Experiences

Understanding Shakespeare

  • As a Model of Humanity

  • Enabling his work and legacy to be a living experience

  • To undo some of the problems created in the last 400 years

We use the following resources to help us learn through Shakespeare:

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