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Alternative Shakespeare: The Story So Far

This month, we’re on a mission to bring our Alternative Shakespeare work to a wider audience with the campaign to fund our new book, “Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead” – so maybe we should tell you more about ourselves?

Where to start?

Although we’re only just starting to shout about it now, believe it or not, our Alternative Shakespeare work goes back 20 years this year! Here’s a bit more about our journey so far…

Our work to date

It all started in 2003, with our very first play, Time After Time - a night in the life of William Shakespeare, when characters from his life and his works come to haunt his mind.

This play, and the enormous support that came out of it, spawned the creation and performance of 12 Alternative Shakespeare plays, using selected Shakespeare plays words, themes, and characters to bring them back to life, and giving them a whole new meaning for today's audiences.

As a small independent and unfunded research and theatre company, we have performed our Alternative Shakespeare plays in over 20 venues in towns and cities throughout the UK.

We’ve won and been nominated for some pretty big awards in that time, too – here’s just a couple of them:

  • Winner of the Birmingham Fest "Best Adaptation" Award 2021

  • Nominated for the GM Fringe Best Adaptation Award 2018

  • Nominated for the GM Fringe Best Spoken Word Award 2018

  • Winner of the Edinburgh Fringe Hairline Highlight Award 2005

  • Nominated for Buxton Fringe Best New Writing 2005

  • Winner of the Birmingham Fest "Best Adaptation" Award for 2018

Impressive, right?

Here and Now

2023 sees us still carrying on that work, but now mainly in the world of digital, finding new ways to reach audiences, and developing new Micro Alternative Shakespeare pieces that better help our aim of Keeping Shakespeare's Legacy well and truly Alive.

We will also soon be launching a new Podcast series where we will show listeners what we do and give insights into the processes we have developed. The Podcasts will also feature on our soon-to-be revamped YouTube channel.

There’s lots happening – including the writing of our new book, which we’re looking for your help to fund!

Our Crowdfunder will cover the costs of getting our Alternative Shakespeare journey out on the shelves – and on the internet – meaning that we can spread the word and keep Shakespeare’s legacy evolving for years to come.


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