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Why should I support Alternative Shakespeare?

You might have seen, if you follow us online at all (which you surely do if you’re reading this), that we’ve recently launched a Crowdfunding campaign to finance the bringing to life of our new book, “Keeping Shakespeare Alive, Not Dead”, which is the culmination of all our Alternative Shakespeare work over the last 20 years.

But you might be asking yourself, why would you consider donating?

(It’s worth noting here that we understand that in today’s economy, it’s hard to financially support yourself, let alone support anyone else. So, we totally understand if you are unable to support us in that way. We’re more than happy to have you along for the journey to cheer us on!)

We’d like to hope that you’d support us because you share the same value systems as we do – especially when it comes to Shakespeare!

So, Alternative Shakespeare is for you if:

  • You want to support Shakespeare & Theatre that is alternative and bold, but which nevertheless works within the classical tradition

  • You believe in the incredible healing power Shakespeare & Theatre has to offer us all.

  • You want to understand why things are as they are, and whether there can be alternatives . . .

  • You think the time is right to fully realise an AlternativeShakespeare...

  • You want to be part of our continuing journey to re-energise Shakespeare's works so their energy can be harnessed and then released

  • You see Shakespeare as a living tradition for current and future generations, but you also want something right here and now

  • You're drawn to all the good things Shakespeare gave us but also want something new and different.

  • You want to support us on our journey of discovery...

This project is not just about helping to create a new way of approaching theatre and Shakespeare - they are a key cornerstone of understanding ourselves as human beings.

Revitalising his work has tremendous knock-ons to other humanities subjects such as Psychology, Philosophy. History, Language arts (literature, writing, oratory, rhetoric, poetry, etc.), Performing arts (theatre, music, dance, etc.), and visual arts.

Thanks so much in advance for any contributions you can make – we cannot wait to be able to bring our book to life.

Together, we can keep Shakespeare's legacy a truly living legacy!


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