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Time After Time
(Shakespeare's Dream)

Written by Frank Bramwell


Time after Time was our very first production.

Using a mixture of Shakespeare's original words and new ones written for the piece, the play is a glorious romp through the night-time dreams of William Shakespeare, with characters and incidents from his real life colliding with those in his plays. This is Shakespeare as never told before - from within his very dreams.

2003 ARC Arts Centre

Cast and creative team


  • William Shakespeare: John Huston

  • Jen Rigby: Anne/Princess/Ariel

  • Philip de Ville: Father/King

  • James Webster: Brother/Punch/Richard Field

  • Adam Linney: Hamlet

  • Goth: Elinor D'Angelis

  • Goth: Beth Cohen

  • Goth: Kaz Luckins

Creative team:

  • Director: Marcus Fernando

  • Producer: Frank Bramwell

Production photos



Buy the book

Buy the book "Shakespeare's Dream: Time After Time", based on the original play - available now!

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