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Tempest Fugit/
Prospero's Will

Written by Frank Bramwell


Tempest fugit: Prospero's Will is based on The Tempest, the third in the line of Frank Bramwell's specially written plays to re-energise Shakespeares plays. Prospero is marooned on the magical Island and is soon re-joined by Caliban, Ariel, Miranda and Ferdinand; there follows a deep exploration of the original plays inner workings as we go through Prospero's mind, a great opportunity to see the relationship of Shakespeare's characters from a totally different perspective.
Greenwich Playhouse, London, 2006

Cast and creative team


  • Prospero: John D, Huston

  • Caliban: Stuart Horobin

  • Miranda: Ada Gallaher

  • Ferdinand: Richard Gee

  • Ariel: Tina Hofman

Creative team:

  • Director: Marcus Fernando

  • Producer: Frank Bramwell

Production photos


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