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King Lear

Written by Frank Bramwell


Was Shakespeare right to kill off King Lear at the end of his play? As our starting point, we take Kent’s question at the end of the play: “Is this the Promised End?"

With only Lear on stage, we are taken through his past mistakes, his current anguish, and his faint hopes for redemption. This is a strong piece that attempts to show the events of the original Shakespeare play through the thoughts and feelings of the tragic King.

Nominated for the GM Fringe Best Adaptation Award 2018
Nominated for the GM Fringe Best Spoken Word Award 2018

2018 Greater Manchester Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe
2017 Bristol Shakespeare Festival, Bath Fringe, Oldham, Buxton Festival Fringe
2016 Greater Manchester Fringe, Birmingham, Camden Fringe
2015 Birmingham Fest, Buxton Fringe

Cast and creative team


  • King Lear: Bob Young

Creative team:

  • Director: Frank Bramwell

  • Producer: Frank Bramwell

Production photos

Video clips


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