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The Laboratory

Here is where we undertake the experimental side of our AlternativeShakespeare Project work. It is where we put into practice our beliefs and our instincts, to see just how well the practice supports the theory. From this body of work many research papers have been written so that other practitioners throughout the world (and throughout time) can judge the effectiveness of the Project outcomes. 

This body of work has two distinct but interconnected standards; please click the links below to get more details.

Shakespeare's Bones

writing completely new works inspired directly and indirectly out of Shakespeare plays.

Please click here to go theShakespeare's Bones page


learning and discovering what Shakespeare's legacy is all about.

Please click here to go the LivingShakespeare page

All our performance work is conducted in the public arena by means of theatre productions and workshops, and is carried out by inamoment theatre company - please click here for more details.

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