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Unfinished Shakespeare

Unfinished Shakespeare is the third part of the work of The AlternativeShakespeare Collaboration.

Here we show how this thing we all call Shakespeare is a living phenomenon, and we do this through imagining him to be a living presence.

This revolves around two soon-to-be-written books; 

"I, Shakespeare"

The third part of the Trilogy comprising three works:

Time After Time - the play written and performed in 2003

Shakespeare's Dream - the book published in 2019

I, Shakespeare - a book currently being written in 2021

"Shakespeare is Dead, AlternativeShakespeare is Alive - Stepping Back, Moving On"

  • The first part of the book looks at the current status of the world of Shakespeare, and argues that holding on to a dead writer is an unhealthy state of affairs, and one that ultimately does a disservice to the man and his works.

  • The second one looks at the need to recognise that an AlternativeShakespeare, one that carries on the work of Shakespeare by creating new work out of his legacy.

  • The last part explores in more detail how the process of moving on from Shakespeare into AlternativeShakespeare  can come about and the challenges it faces. 

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