Learning through Shakespeare

In keeping with our alternative approach to everything we do, we approach Shakespeare through AlternativeLearning, which is based around;

  • Understanding traditional education methods and approaches, and then accepting, adapting or rejecting them to meet our own learning aspirations

  • Placing the focus and emphasis on everyone in the process self-learning, rather than being educated

  • Accepting that there are many ways of self-learning - sometimes it can best be done by the person themselves, other times an assisted approach works better

  • Working towards our ultimate goal which is to help each one of us better understand and then develop both ourselves and the world around us

Understanding through Shakespeare

The overall aim of this work is to ask one question;  what can we understand, and learn from, Shakespeare's Work, Life, and Afterlife, that will help us better live our own lives? A big question. 

Our AlternativeShakespeare learning programme has several objectives:

Coming to terms with the World

  • Political situations 

  • Changes in Society
    • Digital revolution
    • Social Media
    • Global
  • Our identity as individuals

Developing Ourselves

  • Our Psychology

    • emotions

    • Drivers

  • Relationships

  • Experiences

Understanding Shakespeare

  • Shakespeare as part of a Model of Humanity

  • Enabling his work and legacy to be a living experience

  • To undo some of the problems created in the 400 years since he wrote his plays

AlternativeLearning through AlternativeShakespeare

Using our experience, knowledge, and outputs developed over the last 20 years​, we have put together a wide range of learning aids;


Amazon & Website

  • Play Scripts - just the script as performed on the stage

  • Play Books - the performed script, with additional text for the reader

  • Story of the Play Books - tracing the play's story through its development, performance, and afterlife

  • Understanding Shakespeare - wide range of insights and observations into the man and his works


YouTube & Vimeo

  • Play Videos - complete filmed recordings of performed plays

  • Play Snippets - clips of filmed recordings of performed plays

  • Zoom Workshops  -analysis of the plays by the company post-performance 




  • Play Snippets-audio clips from recordings of performed plays

  • Zoom Workshops-behind the scenes look at how the plays were created