Our body of research is now ready for putting together in the form of an educational programme - Understanding through Shakespeare.

Understanding through Shakespeare

The overall aim of this work is to ask one question;  what can we understand, and learn from, Shakespeare's Work, Life, and Afterlife, that will help us better live our own lives? A big question. 


Our learning education programme has several objectives:

1  Coming to terms with the World

  • Political situations 

  • Changes in Society
    • Digital revolution
    • Social Media
    • Global
  • Our identity as individuals

2  Developing Ourselves

  • Our Psychology

    • emotions

    • Drivers

  • Relationships

  • Experiences

3  Understanding Shakespeare

  • Shakespeare as part of a Model of Humanity

  • Enabling his work and legacy to be a living experience

  • To undo some of the problems created in the 400 years since he wrote his plays

TASCO - The Alternative Shakespeare Company

On the back of all the experiences we've gleaned to date, we are excited to announce the creation of a new Theatre company, one that brings Shakespeare's acting company back to life! A fanciful notion yes, but we believe that, in Theatre, fanciful is more often than not where the best things start - in the imagination.

This is what we're going to do:

  • bring together a permanent acting company to help recreate new Shakespeare plays out of old Shakespeare plays

  • follow the acting practice, as best we can, that might have existed in Shakespeare's Theatre

  • work together to understand how Shakespeare worked collaboratively with his actors

  • take the existing Shakespeare plays and apply the Alternative Theatre methods;

    • isolate his characters, themes, speeches, lines, scenes etc from their original setting​

    • workshop the text in Zoom sessions to discover how it works and comes to theatrical life

    • bring our own experiences of the world to enrich our creative process

  • create new plays for stage performances, books, audio pieces, videos etc 

  • provide material for our AlternativeShakespeare podcasts (launching this year)​

Out of the work of the TASCO project will emerge a body of AlternativeShakespeare work, as well as a fascinating insight into the conditions that helped form the original Shakespeare plays.