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The Globe today performs Shakespeare’s plays in a Theatre close to their original physical setting; for us it is about revitalising his works using a non-physical ‘creative space’. We see our work as one big laboratory research project, and to date we have focused on developing the body of our work. Having been allowed the freedom offered by this approach, it feels right for us to now consider switching the focus to working on the Theatre Research angle.


As ever, we work to our strengths and with our weaknesses, and it is quite clear that we do not have the necessary skills, objectivity, and funding to apply Theatre Research to our work. Finding like-minded individuals and organisations who can bring their talents to the project is the next major step. 


Research Partnership 


  • Research Partner

    • being part of a Research / Practice partnership 

    • access to unique existing laboratory material and processes

    • opportunity to develop further research practices and initiatives

    • jointly creating a research methodology based on the respective needs of the partners


  • AfterShakespeare

    • more focus to their future work with the establishment of a research ethos

    • working on and sharing the research findings 

    • a higher profile for its work


Research Partnership Objectives


  • bring a strong Research methodology to the Collaboration's work

  • document and then evaluate its work to date for research publications, where possible 

  • work with the Collaboration to help formulate its future work strands and directions to form the next part of the research programme

  • apply for appropriate funding in conjunction with the Collaboration

  • help raise the project's profile through publications and attendance at seminars etc


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