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Below are updates of work we are currently engaged in;

for more details, do drop us an email.


Shakespeare's Bones

new plays and books giving new and

sustainable life to Shakespeare’s work


Play - King Lear (alone)

Over the last few months, our new play King Lear (alone) has been performed in venues in Birmingham, Manchester, and London. This one man play revisits the words and themes of the Shakespeare original solely from the perspective of Lear himself. By dispensing with the other 28 characters, the audience is allowed a unique insight into his feelings and thoughts.


Feedback from the audience and reviewers has been extremely positive, and we are now taking bookings for 2017.


For more details, please visit


Book - Time After Time

The starting point for The Shakespeare Bones Project was the performance of a newly written play Time After Time.


Whilst the piece is clearly a homage to the work of Shakespeare, nevertheless its major impetus and thrusts were to explore the nature of his creativity and to see Shakespeare in the context of being a part of a theatrical continuum. In the play, this continuum, or tradition, starts by actively being grounded in the work and times of Shakespeare and his contemporaries, but in the second half Shakespeare is catapulted into the 20th Century, to encounter some of the major theatre creations his work helped bring about.


Over the years the play has been rewritten as a book, and we are now in the process of getting it ready for publication in 2017.


Book - Shakespeare's Dream

Work has now started on a follow up to Time After Time. In the novel we look at the final months of William Shakespeare as he looks back at his career and personal life, and tries to come to terms with what the future holds.


We hope to complete the writing in 2017, with a view to getting it published in 2018.


Play - Queen Gertrude

This will be the 8th new play that attempts to find new discoveries about Shakespeare’s plays and how they were written.


This one woman piece is inspired by Janet Adelman’s seminal book Suffocating Mothers; in it Queen Gertrude is finally allowed to tell her side of the famous story.


Workshops are currently taking place, and it is hoped that a draft of the play will be in place by the end of 2016.



new ways of understanding

Shakespeare’s work and life.


Symposium - Queen Gertrude

a suffocated Shakespeare woman

This symposium is inspired by the work of Janet Adelman in her highly influential and ground-breaking work presented in her book Suffocating Mothers. We will be exploring how the female psyche presents itself in Shakespeare’s play.


 “Why should the first mother powerfully present in Shakespeare since the period of his earliest works be portrayed as adulterous? Why should her adulterous presence coincide with the start of Shakespeare’s great tragic period?”


It takes place on 26th November, at the Birmingham & Midland Institute. Please email to express an interest in taking part.


Play Reading Sessions

Birmingham & Stafford

Every Tuesday evening, we hold play reading sessions at the Birmingham & Midland Institute, where people read, discuss and debate the plays of Shakespeare. The sessions are open to anybody with a love of Theatre and Shakespeare. Similar sessions are held in Stafford.


We have to date read 3 Shakespeare plays (Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, King Lear). The Tempest and Pericles are currently being read.

If you would like more details, please click here or email

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