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These are original Shakespeare plays re-written and re-presented, influenced by how the practice of Theatre has been developed since they were first created.  In some ways the approach here starts with the idea that what if Shakespeare was able to revisit his plays in today's world; how would go about rewriting them, what would they look like? 


These are the plays that start this particular aspect of our project:-


  • Hamlet Untold (to be written)
  • The Winter's Tale Untold (to be written)
  • Romeo & Juliet Untold (to be written)
  • The Tempest Untold (to be written)
  • A Midwinter's Night Dream (to be written)
  • Macbeth Untold (to be written)

What we are doing here is to retell the story of the original play along these lines:-


  • Using different Theatre techniques, many of which were not around in Shakespeare's day
  • The original story is retained 
  • The story is not driven by the action in the play's plot
  • Instead the it is the psyche of the original characters that retain the interest of the audience
  • The reliance on long speeches is no longer a feature due to the new playwriting styles adopted
  • Naturalism is eschewed, which allows a freer format to be embraced
  • Generally the main characters stay on stage throughout
  • Some of the original words are used throughout
  • New words are written to facilitate the untelling

The intention, or indeed hope, is that AlternativeShakespeare plays offer the same results as the AfterShakespeare sequels i.e. a startling rejuvenation of the original plays that paradoxically are still retain the famliarness of the originals.



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