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Conferences - coming together to make and share discoveries


The Shakespeare Bones Event 2016

alternative Shakespeare: staying true, creating new


re-examining the legacy Shakespeare left us, exploring

how it can inspire a new living tradition of brand new works.


talks, discussions, workshops,

social gatherings, and performances.


an opportunity to discuss how best to take forward

Shakespeare's bones into the next 400 years.


This gathering will be an open exploration of how the bones of Shakespeare’s legacy (the words, themes, characters, plots etc in his work) can be resuscitated, and then reconstituted, into a living tradition of brand new work, whilst staying true to Shakespeare’s essential spirit.


Adapting his plays, finding new ways of interpreting them, putting them into new settings is NOT what this is about. Instead we believe the real benefit of his legacy is for us to be as radical and original as Shakespeare himself was; to write new challenging drama using (or being inspired by) the words, themes, and characters of his plays as the raw material, much in the same way as DNA works. In doing so we believe Shakespeare’s legacy can be kept truly  fresh and relevant for audiences throughout the world, for all time.


This is already happening in many different ways across the world, and this gathering is the start of understanding how better to define, establish, and then develop this phenomenon.


As part of the Shakespeare 400 celebrations, this inaugural Event invites contributions and attendance from like-minded individuals and organisations. 


The Event will take place in St.Paul's Church, Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, B3 1QZ sometime in the summer of 2016, dates to be confirmed. 


If you are interested and would like more details, please email

More details about the above to follow!
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